Wireless Backup

Stay Connected with Wireless Backup

North Atlantic Networks also offers carrier class wireless connectivity. Wireless Backup provides the continuity and peace of mind of diverse, redundant connectivity for sites that must always stay connected to the Internet or corporate infrastructure.

Private Point to Point Wireless

Point-To-Point solutions utilizing wireless are easier to deploy than traditional fiber lateral build-out’s and provide data encryption utilized by many financial institutions and government branches. This is not your typical wireless. High Speed Wireless is an excellent primary or backup solution as it delivers connectivity completely off the public data infrastructure.

Wireless Backup with Fixed Wireless

NAN’s Fixed Wireless Backup utilizes numerous fixed wireless network to provide bandwidth options from T1 to 100 mbps that will fully support any high traffic demands with a redundant dedicated connection for Internet and MPLS traffic if your primary circuit is temporarily down.

  • Speed and Scalability: With bandwidth options ranging anywhere between T1 and 100 mbps NAN can create the customized broadband solution to meet your Backup needs.
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Reliability: NAN’s 99.99% guaranteed uptime is backed by an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Fast and Simple Installation: By completely bypassing the local phone company and using multiple broadcast sites, service is often installed in days, not months.

Wireless Backup with 3G/4G

NAN’s Wireless Backup utilizes 3G/4G broadband technology to back up your business with an immediate alternate route for Internet and MPLS traffic if your primary circuit is temporarily down. The highly resilient failover architecture of our Wireless Data Backup ensures you can reach the Internet and/or your corporate network and your customers can reach you at all times. Whether you’re backing up Internet access or assuring secure failover for an MPLS connection, Wireless Data Backup provides resilient network connectivity without the need for on-site construction or equipment costs.