Web Email/Pop Email

NAN Business Pro Email
NAN Business Pro is a service featuring Outlook™ integration, mobile support, 10GB of Universal storage per user and toll-free support. As a reflection of NAN commitment to providing a true business class service, users will never see banner, text or other advertisements within the application, and the use of partner services is entirely optional.

NAN provides administrative tools for managing users and accounts across an organization. Email accounts can be personalized to reflect a company’s domain name for a more professional appearance – such as johndoe@yourcompany.com – and come with 10GB of email storage and file sharing – the highest capacity of any online business application. With NAN, users can be up and running in minutes with a solution designed to meet their business needs.


NAN Business Pro Email is accessible via the world’s most popular Web browsers (including IE, Firefox, Netscape, and Mozilla), and operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X / Linux.

• Personal and Shared Contacts
• Personal and Shared Calendar
• File Storage and Sharing
• Instant Messenger
• Tasks
• Presence Manager
• Mobility
• 10GB of Storage per user
• 25MB File Attachments
• Direct Connect application for Outlook

NAN Business Pro Email provides business users with an incredibly robust email solution, featuring virus and spam protection, five gigabytes of shared email and file storage, support for custom domains (jane@yourbiz.com) and multiple email aliases, and anytime, anywhere access.

Performance & Accessibility
NAN email boasts all the features you’d expect to find in a business class service, including powerful search capabilities, drag & drop file and folder management, message filters, spell check, Rich Text Formatting (RTF), attachments of up to 25MB, and much more.

Comprehensive Spam & Virus Protection
NAN uses industry-leading anti-spam and anti-phishing techniques to protect every account. On the server side, NAN uses a variety of spam filtering tools, including multiple Real-Time Blackhole List lookups, relay blocking, header inspection, and an advanced heuristics engine. At the individual account level you can maintain your own “safe” and “block” lists to further protect your inbox and to individually define senders as either “good” or “bad”. NAN performs server-side virus scanning to scan each message before it reaches your inbox. If a message contains a parasitic virus that can be removed, our system will attempt to clean it. Trojan horse viruses are stripped, and you receive a clean message. Our virus definitions are updated hourly to guard against new threats.

Easily Manage Appointments
With NAN Calendar, scheduling appointments is simple. Just highlight a block of time and type a description. Or use QuickAdd – NAN natural language tool for scheduling appointments. Need to change an event’s duration? Just resize it. Need to change the date or time? Just drag & drop. Or use the convenient right-click menus.

Task Management Made Easy
With NAN Tasks you can easily track and manage multiple projects and deadlines throughout the day. Define new tasks, set due dates, and establish priorities. Each task is visually identified as not-yet-due, past-due, or completed. Whether your schedule is tightly packed, or you just enjoy keeping your work as organized as possible, NAN Tasks will help you effectively organize your business and personal life.

An Integrated Dashboard for Your Life
NAN Calendar and Task applications are fully integrated with a “My Day” dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of your appointments for the day, tasks currently due or past-due, and any new inbox items or other notifications.

Access Documents Anywhere
NAN Files application lets you store important documents such as spreadsheets, product specifications and brochures, presentations, contract templates and more in your online file cabinet. Now anyone to whom you’ve assigned sharing privileges can have access to the latest document versions. Files can be organized in folders and sub-folders for easy retrieval.

Manage Multiple IM Sessions in Just One Window
NAN Business Pro’s IM lets you manage multiple conversations at one time and can be used while in any other NAN application, helping to increase your productivity and improve your ability to multi-task.

Encryption Service
NAN Business Pro Email users also enjoy the ability to send encrypted files. SecuRmail™, NAN is excited to bring users email delivery confirmation and encryption services through RPost. RPost’s Registered Email® service proves email delivery, content, and time. It provides legally admissible proof that your email was sent and received. It provides you peace of mind, tangible evidence your message was delivered, and compliance with ‘notification’ requirements for notices sent by email.

RPost’s SecuRmail™ email encryption service is HIPAA compliant, simple end-to-end secure encrypted email that can be used in conjunction with the Registered Email service. Your emails will be sent as a Registered Email message with the additional benefit of being encrypted until the recipient enters the password you provide to open them. No clicking to external websites or special software is required by the email recipient.

Real Time Mobile Email
The Real-time Mobile Email synchronizes email, contacts, calendar, and tasks between your mobile phone and NAN’s award-winning hosted email service, providing flexibility to access the same consistent set of information anytime from anywhere like never before. Configuration of any of the 800 or more mobile devices supported is simple, too: just launch the Sync set-up wizard in NAN’s webmail and, sync software will be pushed out to your phone.

Real Time Email, Always Available
• Real-time email using push technology sends new messages to your phone the moment they’re received
• Extend your battery life – no more polling for new messages
• Now no matter what your access device, you’ll always be referencing the very latest data available

Mobile Sync included
• With Real-time Mobile Email, sync contacts, calendar, and task data
• Relax knowing that you always have a back-up both on your desktop and in the cloud

Supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and More
• Over 800 mobile devices supported
• Simple wizard-based set-up
• Software built specifically for your phone

NAN Business Pro Archive Services
NAN Business Pro Archive Services offers a simple and convenient way to meet your legal compliance and email auditing needs. All inbound and outbound email and attachments are permanently and securely stored online, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection. Our powerful search & retrieval interface lets you search messages and attachments by keyword, sender or recipient, date range and more, enabling fast and convenient review and action.

Automatic Back-Up of Messages & Attachments
• Capture all inbound and outbound messages
• Maintain a secure and tamper-proof copy of all business correspondence
• Implement with a few simple clicks

Powerful Search & Retrieval
• Retrieve accidentally or intentionally deleted messages
• Respond quickly to unexpected legal requirements, i.e. subpoenas, preservation orders, or litigation discovery
• Audit employee email for harassment, improper disclosure of confidential information, etc.
• Lifetime Retention with Unlimited Storage
• Satisfy legal and business retention requirements
• Allow users to delete email with the knowledge that it can be retrieved from archive if needed later
• Predictable and affordable costs

Secure and Reliable: All archived data is replicated across multiple data centers. SSL encryption and adherence to DoD AES standards ensure that no data is accessible in clear-text.

Unlimited Storage: Other vendors charge a variable price for archival that increases as the amount of data stored increases. With NAN Pro Archive Services you receive unlimited archival storage and no hidden fees.

All Data Searchable at All Times: To minimize their costs, other vendors move older data to offline or near-line storage, dramatically increasing the time required to conduct audits or comply with requests for discovery. With NAN Pro Archive Services all data is kept online and immediately accessible for searches