Virtual Fax

Today’s telephone service providers and enterprise organizations seek secure and reliable fax-over-IP solutions that deliver popular fax-to-email and desktop faxing functionality in real-time.  NAN’s Virtual Fax solutions solve the security, service assurance, dependability, and regulatory compliance issues of prevailing fax-over-IP methods and provide added-value features.  NAN’s Virtual Fax solutions deliver scalable, high-density, automated, real-time faxing functionality to the desktop.

NAN offers two virtual fax solutions: Virtual Fax-Desktop, a carrier-grade IP fax solution; and Virtual Fax- ATA, which enables you to connect your fax machines to a premise-based fax server.

NAN Fax Solutions utilize HTTP post technology which eliminates the typical transmission issues one encounters using the T.38 protocol. What this means is that you can rest assured that your fax transmission will be successful every time.

While email has become widely adopted for day-to-day business, faxing is still the preferred method for transmitting sensitive business-critical documents with legal standing. NAN’s Virtual Fax solutions deliver secure and reliable fax-to-email and desktop faxing features that help your company develop a competitive advantage while moving toward a paperless environment.

NAN’s Virtual Fax- Desktop supports sending and receiving faxes in real-time from the computer desktop without the use of any additional hardware. Users can quickly compose a document to be faxed and send it from within applications such as Microsoft Office.

Virtual Fax-Desktop Features:

  • Fax-over-IP Solution – Cost-effective, easy- to-deploy, strong ROI, future-proof
  • Inbound Fax Routing – Automatically routes faxes to an email inbox as a PDF
  • High Density/Scalability – DS3/OC3 high density carrier-grade fax solutions
  • Billing and Authentication – SQL, RADIUS, Web service and provisioning
  • Fax Clients – Fax machine, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, web browser, Microsoft fax
  • Internet Friendly – HTTPS for reliability, security, bandwidth reduction (by as much as 80%)

The need for retaining the fax machine as an easy-to-use scanner device from which to fax paper-based documents and signatures is still very much required by businesses. Increasingly, regulatory and corporate governance initiatives are requiring that all fax images, including those from fax machines, be archived for records accountability and tracking.

Virtual Fax-ATA provides an easy–to-deploy ATA device that seamlessly integrates with your existing fax machine(s) while enhancing its feature set.

Virtual Fax-ATA Features:

  • HTTPS with SSL (secure socket layer) for security
  • Super-charge your existing fax machines
  • Supports up to 2 FXS ports per ATA
  • Email notifications for full unified communications/unified messaging integration
  • Archival of fax image per regulatory compliance (HIPPA/SOX)
  • Lower bandwidth usage than T.38
  • Centralization of all fax traffic for full reporting
  • Optional rack appliance can support up to 24 FXS ports for larger installations

  • Scalable High density carrier-grade fax solutions
  • Reliable Utilizing HTTP POST Technology
  • Secure With fail-over and redundant capabilities
  • Cost-Effective Integrate existing fax machines
  • Easy to Deploy Easy integration with any enterprise
  • Green-Friendly Supports green initiative with paperless fax