Technical Support

The NAN Certified Engineer – Expert in Multiple Technologies

All NAN Engineers are certified to meet the range of technical requirements our customers demand. NAN’s corporate philosophy focuses on the new “computing” environment that now defines telecommunications and that NAN defines in its Five C’s.”

NAN understands that its clients use multiple technologies to implement a computing strategy. In order to better serve its customers and partners, NAN’s engineers are certified across multiple disciplines so they are able to demonstrate both tactical and strategic expertise. Your company will benefit by interacting with an engineer with a breadth of industry certified expertise who understands the interactions of various technologies acting in unison.

The NAN Certified Engineer (NCE) is accredited with independent industry certifications that span NAN’s Five C’s:

Cloud Computing & Managed Services
Connectivity & Collocation
Consulting & Professional Services
Compliance & Security
Continuity & Disaster Recovery

There are three levels of technical strategy certification within NAN’s engineering department:

NAN Certified Engineer I
NAN Certified Engineer II
NAN Certified Engineer III

Every NAN NCE has at least five industry accredited certifications with at minimum one in each of NAN’s Five C’s. The NAN NCE also receives Customer Strategy Certification Training to ensure a thorough understanding of NAN’s multi-discipline technology and computing philosophy. The higher level NCE will have several advanced certifications and at a minimum 10 or more industry certifications.

NAN’s engineers now hold various certifications with the following industry leaders:

vmware_partner_logo_big     Logo1 SP       Mcafee_logo   cisco

trend-micro-logo-final      fortinet     red hat logo