Hurricane season is starting off with a bang, with Joaquin potentially coming in at a category 4. Reports of how much of the hurricane we will get hit by are changing, nonetheless NAN has taken our standard pre-storm checks to ensure that we are ready to handle the upcoming storm.

As always NAN will monitor the network and all connections using our monitoring system and will be watching all network events and taking action to repair damaged connections as quickly as possible. NAN will continue to keep the NOC open 24/7 to make repairs and troubleshoot any issues that arise. The NAN HQ and all major nodes on the network contain generators and redundant power to ensure our equipment will remain operational during this storm.

  • NAN has reviewed all DR recovery documentation and procedures and trained staff accordingly
  • NAN has reviewed DR strategies of Partners to ensure they meet our standards
  • NAN has run though inventory lists to ensure we have adequate spares to repair any faulty equipment that may become damaged from the storm
  • NAN has reviewed configuration backups to ensure any damaged equipment is restored quickly
  • NAN has taken steps to ensure we have staff in place to make repairs 24/7
  • The NAN DRaaS (Cloud Backup) product suite has been inspected, tested, and resources are ready for use for offsite spin up should customers need to declare disaster.

At this time (oct 2) the storm’s predicted path is below. For up-to-date information please see