Smart Record


When business activities require monitoring and oversight for regulatory purposes, SmartRecord, NAN’s call recording and desktop monitoring system, is a cost-effective and legally compliant solution that works seamlessly with NAN’s Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, and Enhanced Call Center.

Every day, more and more businesses are recognizing the value far beyond the regulatory protection provided by a call recorder as they discover the importance of gaining customer intelligence. Now with NAN’s SmartRecord with SmartInteraction Suite, we deliver the means for service providers and hosted contact centers to make those recordings actionable.

SmartRecord is a value-added optional feature that enables both inbound and outbound calls to be recorded and stored as MPEG files. Its easy-to-use web- based administrative and user portals provide access to recorded files, call detail records (CDR), and enable control of all call recording features. SmartRecord is a feature-rich application that provides a graphical overview of your company’s call usage including:

  • Calls by Category – Calls can be categorized based on their call type
  • Frequent Calls – Allow identification of frequent callers
  • Calls by Location – All calls can be identified by inbound or outbound number, area code, or physical location
  • Call Statistics – Graphical metrics of inbound and outbound number, redirection, duration, etc.
  • Call Monitoring – Provides the ability for a supervisor or authorized agent to silently listen to a call in progress
  • Call Log – Provides historical logs of inbound and outbound calls to and from your organization
  • Graphical Report – Pie charts and bar graphs that represent call data captured over the past day, week, and month

  • Reliable – Call recording enhances employee performance and promotes customer retention
  • Flexible – Target key words during a conversation to highlight calls that need to be addressed
  • Scalable – Call recording is engineered to handle thousands of calls simultaneously
  • Legally Compliant – Meet all call recording and archiving requirements necessary for your business
  • Promotes Quality Assurance – Reward and honor employees that exemplify great customer service and learn which employees may require additional training

There is little that is more important to the success of any business than the quality of customer interactions, and SmartInteraction Suite, an advanced contact center service, enables the mining of recorded calls that reveals tremendous customer insight. The SmartInteraction Suite features consist of:

  • SmartListen – An audio mining application that allows organizations to utilize speech analytics to index recordings phonetically for easy retrieval and reporting
  • SmartEvaluate – An advanced form of call handler evaluation that allows users to isolate calls that meet certain criteria in order to perform several key business functions
  • SmartCapture – A screen recording application that extends and completes the picture of the call handler process by linking the voice recording with the corresponding visual recording of the keystroke activity

Benefits of SmartRecord with SmartInteraction Suite: SmartRecord and SmartInteraction Suite are non-intrusive technologies that provide call center managers insight into what your customers think and say to your agents and what your agents say to your customers while being able to see the corresponding desktop activity recording during the conversation. With the introduction of these oversight technologies, a company can expect:

  • Convenience – Easy-to-use web interfaces, filters, descriptions, and comment annotations provide system users with tools to quickly find, listen, capture, and evaluate recorded calls
  • Quality Management – Review all calls as opposed to a small percentage of calls, allowing for auto-categorization of these calls and ultimately for the proactive identification of calls that require further monitoring
  • Cost Savings – Minimal common hardware and software is required to begin call recording
  • Easy Administration – Using a browser-based platform, administration and system access can be done from anywhere with no client software to install
  • Security – Recorded calls required for legal, regulatory, or compliance purposes can be easily transferred from the SmartRecord system to the user’s system individually or in batches
  • Measure Productivity – Monitor the efficiency of your staff; easily measure the actual productivity you are getting out of an individual or a group of individuals

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  • SmartRecord
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  • Cloud Based Servers