Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

North Atlantic Networks provides Disaster Recovery (DR) Infrastructure that enables our valuable customers to comply with their own, unique business continuity plans. By combining our state of the art Data Center with adjoining Disaster Recovery Space, as well as WAN/Internet Architecture, Cloud PBX Service or and Self-Healing Fiber Ring, North Atlantic Networks customers have the ability to pick and choose the appropriate resources to meet their objectives.

DR Seats
Whether you’re looking for first-come, first-serve insurance or dedicated DR seats, North Atlantic Networks has the right plan for your company. With computers, IP Phones, desk-space and cross-connects to your colocated equipment, enterprise users can be back online in a matter of hours, not days, weeks or months.

Private DR Suites
Looking for a dedicated IT “War-room” in the event of a computing corporate office or geographic disaster? North Atlantic Networks Private DR Suites are the ideal solution you’ve been searching for. Problems with unique printing applications, payroll or other complex, private programs now go away. Store everything in your own 100SF, 200SF or customized DR Office Suite space adjacent to previously collocated Equipment. You can test your DR plan monthly, quarterly or annually, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

IP Vaulting
North Atlantic Networks offers an Online Backup solution. This product allows your organization to perform an initial backup of your systems and then add nightly incremental backups – all remotely. As long as you can access the Organization’s business systems from off of your network, you can perform back-up and restores remotely as well.

The product also fully compresses the data that is stored on the electronic vault, thus reducing the $/GB storage rates. Incremental backups are done at the bit level, again further reducing storage requirements. The product eliminates the need for costly DTL tape backup systems, tape rotation schemes, off-site store rates and the time to swap tapes and rotate them – especially if the data is located at a collocation facility.

The product also supports Exchange Server backups and restores, down to the individual email in the mailbox, as well as SQL backups. The product is agentless so as long as the server that the software is installed on can see the other servers that need to be backed up, there are no additional software installations or charges. Individual PC’s can be backed up as well with the addition of a client agent.

Cloud Replication
The days of backing up your virtual environment using local backup tools, packing tapes to remote locations hoping your last DR test will match reality is a thing of the past. Today, cloud computing vendors provide superior cloud services, including cloud data replication tools from Veeam™ and VMware™. Entrust your data storage needs to the best cloud services and experience a more practical approach to your backup and disaster recovery (DR) strategy.

NAN offers four options for handling your cloud data replication needs:

1. Zerto™ Real-Time Replication
2. VMware™ SRM Replication (Site Recovery Manager)
3. Veeam™ Replication

Enterprise Cloud Server
North Atlantic Networks boasts a full suite of virtual server offerings on our Managed Services Platform. North Atlantic Networks has invested in only the best infrastructure for our hosted virtual clients. We leverage a VMware vSphere platform with fully redundant host clusters as well as clustered NetApp backend storage. Networking is provided via distributed links throughout a redundant Cisco switching architecture. Hosts are IBM Intel platform multi-core servers with extensive power redundancies. In addition to the redundancy architected throughout our infrastructure, NAN has the ability to provide fully segregated storage and VLANS as-needed to ensure our customers are able to meet any regulatory obligations.

Customer Premise Internet Diversity
NAN understands that any Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuance plan start at your physical location. NAN can design, provision, and manage multi-homed Internet Connections or MPLS Networks that will reduce the risk of hours of missed communication, and online downtime can lead to a business losing thousands of potential revenue.

Cloud IP PBX and SIP Trunks
Choosing NAN Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking with a built-in Business Continuity solution ensures that in the event of any problems, your lines of contact with your customers stay open. If your pc network becomes incapacitated, your communications can seamlessly be redirected to an alternative location or device. No specific hardware is required – The NAN platform is compatible with an extensive list of authorized PBXs, IP PBXs, access devices, and phones, which translates to reducing your capital and operational expenses. The NAN solution allows businesses to design their communications continuity protocols based on their existing business processes