Security Pro Service

If your company is facing HIPPA/HITECH, PCI DSS, Banking or any other compliance or regulatory challenges as they relate to your IP Communications footprint, NAN’s Security Pro Services are a perfect fit. While you may have existing security policies in place, the challenges of the cloud, data storage, remote users and many others wishing to access your data will require enhancements to your infrastructure. Save time and money by partnering with NAN to develop a solution that will satisfy your needs.

NAN can help your organization develop and implement an IP Communications security program or review your existing security posture and make recommendations on potential changes or enhancements. NAN’s expertise regarding security is perfectly aligned with the IP Communications products as detailed in NAN’s Five C’s product suite. NAN can provide access to multiple security resources and security certified individuals for your project to ensure a solution that will pass muster.

There are a number of important features associated with NAN’s Security Pro Services:

• Certified, experienced security professionals with industry knowledge
• Certified, experienced IP Communications professionals with security expertise
• Customized solutions that are not constrained by predetermined packaging

There are numerous benefits to using NAN’s Security Pro Services:

• Take advantage of NAN’s IP Communications expertise and security expertise
• Use proven solutions tailored to the communications environment, yet customizable
• Partner with a company that has the experience and credentials to build the right solution
• Shorter project times and concise policy integration with your network communications