Secure Remote Access

Your organization must remain productive and provide easy collaboration with the various remote users that require access to your data. These might include:

  • Supply Partners
  • Managed Laptops and Workstations
  • Clientless VPN / Public Terminals
  • Home Workers / Telecommuters
  • Mobile Devices (Smartphones & Tablets)

If you have a disparate solution that is in need of an update and want to bring all your secure access methods under one roof, or even add new ones, consider NAN’s comprehensive Secure Remote Access solutions.

NAN’s Secure Remote Access Services use industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and IPSec technologies to provide access to your company’s data, whether it is for day to day use or in the event of an outage to your network. Access to your information is managed by NAN hardware and software and does not rely on equipment at your premises, so users can always connect to needed resources and remain productive.

NAN’s Secure Remote Access uses the latest technology and has a large number of options to meet just about any access need you may have:

• IPSec and SSL VPN
• DES, 3DES, AES, SHA-1/MD5 Authentication
• PPTP, L2TP VPN Client Pass Through
• Single Sign On (SSO) Bookmarking
• Two Factor Authentication Options

The benefits of NAN’s Secure Remote Access can help all companies provide safe access to their data:

• Allows for compliance requirements to be met or exceeded
• Provides piece of mind that your company’s data is secure
• Allows 24×7 secure access to the data your employees and partners require
• Provides robust offerings to meet varying security posture levels
• Secure access can be provided to just about any device your company uses