Cloud Migration

Migrating data and applications to the NAN cloud requires a different process to traditional hardware-to-hardware solutions but is faster and easier because the cloud is a much more fluid environment. NAN’s cloud gives you the freedom and flexibility to access your files from anywhere, at any time, enabling users to operate more productively and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

For customers that have already invested time and money into a local installation of vSphere, customers can leverage a free tool called “vCloud Connector” that will enable the migration of templates between environments and offer basic management from their vSphere client. For those virtualizing for the first time we offer a number of methods for migrating data from your local site to ours, including third party and first party tools that can handle in place conversion or real-time replication to the cloud. Many tools are free to use and offer a variety of conversion time frames with little to no down time.

NAN Remote Migration Service is a one-time offering designed to speed your transition to your new cloud server. Once the initial setup is complete, you will have exclusive access to your data and applications.

NAN provides several options that make it possible for IT organizations to migrate their data into the cloud:

OVF templates
You can package existing virtual machines into OVF templates and upload directly into the NAN cloud. You can also deploy new virtual machines in the NAN cloud and perform a manual migration of existing workload applications and data.

Double-Take Move
Double-Take Move is a popular migration tool that allows you to synchronize Windows server data and system state to target servers that can be deployed in the NAN cloud environment. Double-Take offers a flexible option because it can synchronize Windows-based physical and non-VMware platforms into the NAN cloud.

VMware vCloud Connector
If you already have an on-premise VMware environment you can use VMware vCloud Connector as an option. VMware vCloud Connector lets you view, operate on, and transfer your computing resources from your private cloud to the NAN public cloud. VMware vCloud Connector copies templates, shuts down virtual machines across the WAN, and then allows the virtual machines to power back on following successful replication.

VMware vCenter Converter
VMware vCenter Converter can run on a wide variety of hardware, and supports most commonly-used versions of the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. With this robust enterprise class migration tool you can:

• Quickly and reliably convert local and remote physical machines into virtual machines without any disruption or downtime.
• Complete multiple conversions simultaneously with a centralized management console and an intuitive conversion wizard.
• Convert other virtual machine formats such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server or backup images of physical machines such as Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery or Norton Ghost to VMware virtual machines.

Manual migration
Manual migration is typically more suitable for those organizations with large data sets. Securely migrating data into the NAN cloud is handled in two ways. First, NAN can ship encrypted USB drives, where the copied data is protected (by TrueCrypt). A second option is to transfer data via SFTP. There is a pre-seeding fee associated with initial data transfer into the NAN cloud and our project teams works diligently with the customer to ensure secure migration.

Simplify your transition to the cloud with NAN’s Managed Cloud Migration Service. Our engineers will quickly and safely move your applications and data and connect you to your NAN cloud server. It’s the easiest way to get up and running without risking downtime or disruptions to your business.

What We Do
• Initial phone consultation to determine project scope and process
• Set up and administer users
• Enable file sharing with your on-premise computer
• Move software applications and data
• Set up connections to the applications via FTP, Web access, etc.
• Instruct you on remote access best practices

Step 1. Assess the current situation. We start all migration projects with a discovery call to identify customer priorities and critical points of the data and server migration.

Step 2. Our staff will complete a thorough analysis of your servers (remote desktop sessions if needed), Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, IIS, and ask a series of questions to gather information not identified during earlier discovery, as well other business requirements.

• Based on that information, we’ll create an Initial estimate and a proposal will be provided. We’ll go over that proposal together and identify any outstanding issues or questions.

Step 3. Once the project is committed, NAN will generate a migration project plan noting each and every task that will be carried out. The document will include details including:

• Database(s) migrated
• Website(s) Migrated
• Host Headers
• Site to Site Security
• Files
• Site DB Connections

Step 4. Together, we’ll plan the cut-over date

Step 5. NAN will execute the cut-over

• NAN will provide post migration documentation and once you are entirely satisfied, you can sign off on the completion of the project.

Q. How long will it take to migrate my data and applications?
A. Once Migration Specialists have the information and access they need to perform the migration, it generally takes five business days.

Q. Is it possible to lose data from my on-site server during migration?
A. No. NAN’s migration team makes a copy of the data from your current environment. We remotely use the copy to move the data onto our server. We’ll never delete data from your on-site server. Once the migration is complete, it is up to you to delete anything you no longer need on-site.

Q. How long will the migration take?
A. It may take up to a week to complete a single migration session based on your unique situation.

Q. How are the migration fees calculated?
A. We only charge for the time our migration engineers spend working on your migration. You won’t be charged while data is uploading to the cloud server.

Q. How do I sign up for Managed Cloud Migration Services from NAN?
A. Ask your account team or call 1-800-299-3330 and talk to a NAN Solutions Advisor.

Q. How do I initiate the service?
A. Once your server is provisioned, we will contact you within two (2) business days to discuss your needs, schedule your migration service and set up billing.

Q. What if I need IT support after the migration is complete?
A. Remote Migration Service is a one-time event. It is not a substitute for ongoing support for your data and applications. However, NAN is always available to answer questions and address issues related to the actual cloud server infrastructure and operations.