May 10, 2014 – North Atlantic Networks (NAN) now provides a Secure Cloud powered by VMware and Trend Micro Deep Security Cloud Platform.

NAN understands the business need and compliance requirement for advanced security options for the public cloud. While the typical cloud service provider offers physical and network perimeter security, NAN’s advanced security for the cloud provides an unmatched and highly-integrated package for its cloud services that exists beneath the operating system level.

The service provides a comprehensive virtual server security platform that protects your organizations’ applications and data from breaches and business disruptions, with no upfront capital costs.

The NAN Advanced Virtual Server Security Platform is powered by Trend Micro Deep Security. The platform is a group of tightly integrated modules including Anti-Malware, Web Reputation, Firewall, Intrusion Protection, Integrity Monitoring, Log Monitoring and Virtualization Compliance.

The service can prevent data breaches and business disruptions by detecting and removing malware from virtual servers in real time with minimal performance impact and can block malware that attempts to evade detection by uninstalling or otherwise disrupting the security program. It provides a shield against known and unknown vulnerabilities in web and enterprise applications and operating systems and can detect and alert on suspicious or malicious activity. It can also ensure credibility of websites and protect users from accessing infected sites by leveraging the web reputation capabilities of one of the largest domain-reputation databases in the world.

Cost-effective compliance is achieved while addressing major compliance requirements for PCI DSS, as well as HIPPA. The service is able to provide detailed, auditable reports that document prevented attacks and policy compliance status while reducing the preparation time and effort required to support audits. Finally, it supports internal compliance initiatives to increase visibility of internal network activity.

The NAN Advanced Virtual Server Security Platform can be combined with NAN’s Network Perimeter Security Platform or other Managed Security products to create a multi-layer security Solution.

To learn more about NAN’s Secure Cloud please visit NAN’s web site at<INSERT> or call us at 508-339-0482.