Remote Monitoring & Management

Implementing a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform can increase your operational productivity and efficiency by automating your IT activities. Repetitive IT maintenance tasks can be automated and you can monitor mission critical network components and remediate error or threshold conditions without human intervention. The labor savings can be enormous. Take charge of your systems and processes with an RMM solution from NAN.

NAN offers several solutions to fit your organization’s RMM requirements. Some implementations are large and require dedicated systems and configuration, while others may be implemented on a lesser scale or via the cloud. The size of your network will determine computational, logging and bandwidth requirements, and whether an onsite solution, cloud solution or hands-off fully managed solution is appropriate. An emphasis on scalability is always designed into NAN-provided RMM systems due to the continual proliferation of network devices – your solution will be built for now and the future.

NAN’s RMM offering has a large number of features, only a fraction of which are noted here:

• Automate repetitive tasks and processes
• Track hardware and software assets on demand
• Implement a proactive network management model
• Patching, backup, automated monitoring and anti-virus capabilities
• Integration of MDM / BYOD into your RMM strategy
• Remote access to systems (even “blue screen”) ensures quick recovery
• Automated maintenance and monitoring, fully customizable
• Issues are resolved before they disable systems, transparent to users

An RMM solution has the obvious benefit of consolidating many ongoing tasks with these benefits:

• Significantly improves overall corporate productivity
• Consolidate your network tasks and processes under ONE platform
• Removes distraction of issues not relevant to business operations
• Allows your entire staff to focus on your business and operations, and not IT
• Powerful customizable tool to meet nearly every IT administrative function