Network Intrusion and Prevention

High Accuracy Attack Detection

With the increased complexity and sophistication of today’s security threats, a firewall is not enough to keep your network safe. The North Atlantic Networks Intrusion Prevention service constantly monitors your network traffic for any potential threats to your network data. Leveraging a continually updated IPS signature database, North Atlantic Networks provides real-time, reliable protection from network and application attacks such as worms, viruses, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, SQL injections, and other blended threats, without degrading network performance.

The Intrusion Prevention service blocks known attacks that don’t violate protocol standards or behavioral rules but carry malicious content. It offers proactive protection against zero day attacks and eliminates the window of vulnerability for new and emerging threats when signatures are not available.

The North Atlantic Networks Intrusion Prevention service delivers high accuracy attack detection and minimizes the time, costs and staff requirements associated with an intrusion.

Features include:
• Multi-layered attack detection for accurate protection against known and unknown attacks
• Protocol anomaly detection to identify and stop zero-day attacks
• Traffic anomaly detection to block DoS attacks
• Continuously updated and extensive signature list (2,000+ attack signatures) of known attacks
• High performance ASIC-based architecture for wire-speed security enforcement
• 80+ protocol inspection for common application attacks
• Bi-directional scanning to protect against external and internal originating attacks
• Automatic threat notification with integrated logging and reporting
• Comprehensive high-level and granular reports for complete visibility of network attacks and security alerts

The North Atlantic Networks Intrusion Prevention service protects against known attacks with an extensive attack database of the latest security threats. This database is updated continuously for proactive threat prevention, blocking zero-day or unknown attacks with comprehensive traffic and protocol anomaly protection.