Network Based Firewall

North Atlantic Networks Cloud Based Unified Threat Management (Cloud Based Firewall) protects your MPLS network with turn-key, fully managed, 24×7 network security, monitoring, and support. Built on our network of carrier-class gateways, our managed security services work as a complete solution or as a compliment to your existing premise-based solution.

We help businesses safeguard your network and information assets with a unified approach that stops malicious traffic before it consumes the bandwidth of your last mile circuit, a job that cannot be done with a premise-based solution alone. And, these managed services simplify and unify security management by reducing network complexity and providing easy and secure access to an increasingly mobile workforce.

North Atlantic Networks Managed IP Security Suite provides a comprehensive multi-layer security approach that works together to minimize down-time from individual threats, reduces risks with blended threats, and coordinates security alerting, logging, and reporting

  • Managed Firewall – Detect and block suspicious network traffic
  • Intrusion Prevention – Proactive protection against known and emerging threats
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware – Comprehensive real-time network protection
  • Web Filtering – Manage employee Internet access with White list/Black list and with over categories of content filtering

• Stateful inspection
• Antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware
• Intrusion detection and protection
• URL and content filtering
• Email filtering and scanning
• Application control
• Unlimited policy changes
• Monthly reporting
• On-demand reporting
• Configuration backup and restore
• 24/7/365 security event monitoring and alerting

• Turn-key deployment means no additional equipment to buy or employees to hire
• Reduces network complexity by eliminating multiple point solutions
• Lowers total cost of ownership
• Protects your business continuity, company assets and brand reputation
• Helps maintain compliance with government regulations
• Improves network uptime and performance via 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and management
• Continually updated signature lists and databases to provide the most aggressive threat identification and elimination.
• Reduce threat gap via rapid threat solution discovery, development and automatic updates
• Comprehensive reporting aids in developing best practices and security policies
• Extensive security and reporting capabilities are designed to support compliance efforts (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX)
• Comprehensive suite of easily-customized reports that can filter and review records, including traffic, event, virus, attack, Web content, and email data, mining the data to determine your security stance and assure regulatory compliance
• Over 300 customizable reports help monitor and maintain acceptable use policies, identify attack patterns, and comply with governmental regulations regarding privacy and disclosure of security breaches

A robust firewall is imperative for any business network as a first line of defense against intrusions and other threats. The North Atlantic Networks Managed Firewall filters your network traffic allowing good traffic and blocking potential harmful traffic. This cost-effective, managed solution protects against unauthorized users, dangerous protocols, and common network layer attacks with no impact on network performance.

North Atlantic Networks Managed Firewall is available in Basic Firewall for small businesses and branch offices and Advanced Firewall configurations for medium to large businesses. If you already have a firewall onsite, North Atlantic Networks Managed IP Security Suite can work in conjunction with your existing firewall and equipment, giving you additional protection your firewall doesn’t provide.

Features and Benefits
The North Atlantic Networks Managed Firewall helps organizations safeguard sensitive information assets shared between corporate headquarters, branch offices, telecommuters, customers and partners. Features include:

• Deep Packet Inspection
• Up to 500 firewall policies
• High performance ASIC-based architecture
• Comprehensive high level and granular reports for complete visibility into network and application performance

With the increased complexity and sophistication of today’s security threats, a firewall is not enough to keep your network safe. The North Atlantic Networks Intrusion Prevention service constantly monitors your network traffic for any potential threats to your network data. Leveraging a continually updated IPS signature database, North Atlantic Networks provides real-time, reliable protection from network and application attacks such as worms, viruses, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, SQL injections, and other blended threats, without degrading network performance.

The Intrusion Prevention service blocks known attacks that don’t violate protocol standards or behavioral rules but carry malicious content. It offers proactive protection against zero day attacks and eliminates the window of vulnerability for new and emerging threats when signatures are not available.

Intrusion Detection Features & Benefits
The North Atlantic Networks Intrusion Prevention service delivers high accuracy attack detection and minimizes the time, costs and staff requirements associated with an intrusion. Features include:

• Multi-layered attack detection for accurate protection against known and unknown attacks
• Protocol anomaly detection to identify and stop zero-day attacks
• Traffic anomaly detection to block DoS attacks
• Continuously updated and extensive signature list (2,000+ attack signatures) of known attacks
• High performance ASIC-based architecture for wire-speed security enforcement
• 80+ protocol inspection for common application attacks
• Bi-directional scanning to protect against external and internal originating attacks
• Automatic threat notification with integrated logging and reporting
• Comprehensive high-level and granular reports for complete visibility of network attacks and security alerts

Comprehensive Real-Time Network Protection
Viruses, spyware, and adware are a constant threat to an organization’s time, assets, network resources and employee productivity. North Atlantic Networks Anti-Virus provides real-time protection against worms and spyware from both inbound and outbound security threats. We leverage a continuously updated list of anti-virus signatures to provide multi-layer defense from known viruses as well as new, unique outbreaks. We provide predictive defenses and complementary responsive techniques to stop these threats as soon as they emerge on the Internet.

This service stops unwanted malware before it reaches your network. It minimizes network disruptions from virus and worm outbreaks and responds more effectively to fast-spreading attacks than traditional point and host security solutions.

Features and Benefits
North Atlantic Networks Anti-Virus provides multi-layer protection from both inbound and outbound security threats. Other benefits:

• Stops malicious software from entering the network and infecting desktop and laptop computers
• Offers real-time virus and spyware protection with no network impact
• Mitigates the risk from rapidly spreading virus and worm outbreaks
• Anti-virus signatures are continuously updated for proactive threat prevention and complete, up-to-date protection from the latest security threats

The Challenge
Inappropriate Web use in the workplace may lead to lower productivity, unacceptable use of company resources, pressure on network resource availability, and legal liability. The challenge for organizations lies in balancing employees personal surfing needs while increasing overall levels of productivity, as well as maintaining acceptable bandwidth levels throughout the network.

Manage Employee Internet Usage
The North Atlantic Networks Web Filtering service offers enterprises of all sizes an easy way to enforce Internet usage policies. And, we leverage a data base of Websites that is continually updated to ensure your policies include the latest threat protections. This cost-effective solution controls access to the Web, increasing productivity, security and network performance.

The Web Filtering service is composed of:

• Content Filtering: Blocks access to Internet sites by category content
• White List / Black List Filtering: Allows or denies access to selected Web sites. Separately or in tandem, these services help organizations achieve a balance between managing employee Internet access and enforcing Internet use policies. The result is improved employee productivity, decreased risk of legal liability from employee Internet activity, and optimal use of IT resources.

North Atlantic Networks Web Filtering service regulates and provides valuable insight into all web activities allowing customers to meet new Government Regulations, Educational Compliance, HR Policies and Corporate Internet Usage Policies. This service maintains URL database that is continually updated with over 100 million rated websites and over 60 categorized ratings. As part of the database, the service can block access to security risk web sites, common sources of spyware, malware, and peer-to-peer applications. Other features:

• Allows/disallows based on the content or type of resource using Content Filters
• Blocks access to Internet sites by category content (Adult, Gambling, Racial/Hate, etc.)
• Blocks common sources of spyware and malware
• Blocks Peer-to-Peer applications (i.e. BitTorrent)
• Provides automatic end-user notification of policy violation
• Includes comprehensive executive and granular reports on web activity

Protection Benefits
Web Filtering helps your company in many ways. It protects against loss of productivity by accurately managing employee access to websites, minimizing lost time on the Internet, and lowering operating costs. It also helps you manage employee Internet access and enforce usage policies to mitigate your legal liability up front if an employee engages in improper behavior. In addition, it helps protect against inappropriate content, which can lead to many forms of harassment and workplace complications. And, it helps your organization enforce Internet usage policies based on bandwidth needs to prevent business losses and other issues that result from limited access to mission-critical applications.

• Managed Cisco Routers
• Managed Customer Premise Firewall
• Cloud-based End Point Security
• Secure Remote Access

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