Banking & Finance

The finance and banking industries deal with a number of regulations and laws, the major ones noted below:

  • FDIC  –  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • CFPB  –  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • FRB  –  Federal Reserve Bank
  • NCUA  –  Nation Credit Union Administration
  • SOX  –  Sarbanes-Oxley Act

While financial institutions are no strangers to regulations and compliance, the proper transition to becoming a highly connected and efficient enterprise has been cautiously undertaken. The desire to make use of cost effective IP communications has renewed the need to ensure ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements are met, while taking full advantage of new technologies. The method by which these new technologies are woven into the existing regulatory fabric while still following older guidelines has caused many organizations to pause for review. There are also new regulations which must be incorporated into the overall design. Much like the healthcare industry, which only recently has been required to fully adopt more mature security requirements, the banking and finance industries must learn how to securely use the latest IP technology to remain competitive.

While giant banks have compliance staffs in the hundreds, if not thousands, NAN chooses to focus on the smaller enterprise and offers it extensive experience to smaller regional banks and credit unions that need a trusted partner. Some typical projects have included secure interconnections with the Federal Reserve and IPSEC connections with the Massachusetts taxation authorities. NAN has a CISSP on staff and has policies and procedures in place to ensure its products and services meet all your compliance needs.

NAN will consult with your organization to design a solution that fits your requirements. NAN can provide a fully encrypted cloud platform, secure VPN services and our Network Based Firewall can ubiquitously protect your main location or all the locations on your network no matter what technology or mix of technologies is in use. NAN will take the time to understand the particular security posture of your organization and review the requirements to ensure the implementation will pass auditor review.

The NAN approach to your compliance needs makes use of several industry standard features to ensure a compliant implementation:

  • Fully encrypted cloud servers and storage
  • Carrier grade Network Firewall and Management
  • SSAE16 Soc II Compliant Data Centers
  • Compliance ready products and services
  • Consultative, partner-based implementation
  • Comprehensive Threat Analysis reporting
  • Network Based Firewall Traffic reporting

The complexity of creating and maintaining compliant processes and systems is no easy task. NAN will partner with you in the implementation and management of your banking and finance compliance projects from start to finish. The real goal is to provide lending to your customers, not to stress over technical details day in and day out. Below are just some of the benefits of partnering with NAN for your compliance needs:

  • Extensive experience with the financial regulatory environment
  • Committed partnership throughout the process
  • A comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects from connectivity to cloud
  • Peace of mind that your organization is meeting or exceeding the compliancy requirements