May 7, 2014 – North Atlantic Networks (NAN) has completed the implementation of its Certified Engineering Program in response to the industry’s and its clients’ demand for accountability and accreditation.

Certification is particularly important in today’s cloud-based industry where so much is dependent upon expertise that business clients may never experience firsthand. NAN’s NCE program provides piece of mind that the people responsible for entrusted services are up to the task.

In order to be NCE certified, a NAN employee must receive training and be independently accredited in five different areas of expertise—NAN’s Five C’s:

  • Cloud
  • Connectivity
  • Collocation
  • Continuity
  • Compliance & Security

There are three levels of NCE: I, II and III with each raising the bar in terms of expertise required. NAN requires industry certifications for its NCE program including VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, VEEAM and others. The program is a continued effort to improve NAN’s already “best in class” technical support and ensure its staff keeps up with the ever changing and inter-dependent technologies that comprise today business IP and Cloud Solutions.