Earthlink & Windstream Merger?

CenturyLink & Level 3 Merger?

AT&T & Time Warner Merger?

XO & Verizon Merger?

Seems like the past few months have been ripe with carrier mergers. Is this good news? As a long time carrier partner of each of the above companies it’s definitely NOT a good thing for America, and definitely not for the clients we build networks for. Fewer carriers means fewer options, and higher prices will certainly follow. And while it may improve the stock price and company valuations for these companies, it reduces competition, and in the end that hurts the consumer.

Giant-and-littleguyHere we are, the humble consumer faced with a hungry and growing giant


We here at North Atlantic Networks have been around long enough to remember the Ma Bell monopoly and the huge beneficial effects that occurred when they were finally broken up.  Who remembers paying by the minute for a phone call? We are heading back that way, with pay by the GB or TB bandwidth caps. While we may not end up with a single monopoly, certainly 4 or 5 major players across the USA feels like a monopoly. At the very least these mergers will result in stronger regional monopolies.


As one of the few privately held service providers left, we like to focus on building solutions for clients with a variety of options and different levels of redundancy. It would be a shame to have less companies to purchase services from, and certainly some of our existing customers would likely loose redundancy as part of these mergers. These are not small mergers mind you, these are Giants merging with Giants. Jobs will be lost, customer service will suffer, and prices will go up.

local-organicPerhaps like we all try to purchase locally grown organic food,
it is time to purchase local organic internet services

Our focus will be on continuing to provide options for our clients in spite of these changes, and as always, we’ll be more creative and more nimble. Consider NAN for your needs – the best service, the best quality, no run around, no sitting on hold, cloud managed and connectivity services. Support your local “organically grown” service provider: NAN.