Manufacturing & Insurance


The Manufacturing industry benefits greatly by analyzing and enhancing the supply chain. The use of IT Communications to do so remains a driver in the industry, especially as global interactions increase year over year. While manufacturing may not face the same regulatory environment as other industries, efficient use of technology is a must for survival – decision making must often be done rapidly to make the most efficient use of regional and global markets and changing market conditions around the world. The need to remain well connected, with access to data and access to information remains at the top of the list in the Manufacturing sector.

NAN can help your company tap into the business intelligence that drives decision making. Enabling the technology to assist in a demand driven market is key to success in a competitive market. Ensuring a high level of connectivity between suppliers and partners with the right products is NAN’s specialty – optimizing inventory, logistics and raw materials comes from an efficient IP Communications platform that is redundant and properly sized. Taking full advantage of what the efficiency cloud computing has to offer is another hallmark of the successful manufacturing organization.

NAN’s experience with the Manufacturing industry features:

  • Encrypted cloud document storage and retrieval
  • Complete management and maintenance of multi-site networks
  • Redundant solutions and disaster recovery operations
  • Regional, National and Global connectivity and cloud solutions

The benefits of working with NAN are as follows:

  • Faster “time-to-market” a result of NAN’s experience in the industry
  • The right products to meet your regional and global requirements
  • A fully customized solution built for your organization


The Insurance industry was an early adopter of the internet and websites now offer anywhere from simple quoting capabilities to actual policy fulfillment. The complexity of state by state regulations presents “paperwork” challenges, though electronic signature acceptance and streamlined secure document storage has increased efficiency. Regional organizations with multiple locations face the same security challenges associated with Healthcare and Finance. The insurance sales force exhibits the perfect use case for cloud-based document retrieval and storage, making the industry a hybrid of Healthcare and Finance in technology and compliance consumption.

NAN has the products and services to serve the Insurance industry – in particular the regional organization that wants to increase efficiency and drive growth. The industry is well positioned to take advantage of many features cloud computing and increased connectivity has to offer. There are needs in mobile document storage and retrieval, online interface management and multi-location networks. All of this must, of course, be managed with the same attention to detail that other regulated industries must adhere to. NAN’s experience can help your organization craft a secure and highly functional solution.

NAN’s experience in the Insurance industry features:

  • Encrypted cloud document storage and retrieval
  • Multi-site Firewall management and maintenance
  • SSAE16 Soc II Compliant Data Centers
  • Compliance ready products and services

The benefits of working with NAN are as follows:

  • Lengthy experience in the Insurance industry
  • Full suite of products to meet all your industry needs
  • Faster “Time-to-Market” for your project from NAN’s past experience
  • A solution that encompasses all aspects from connectivity to cloud