Managed Router

North Atlantic Networks has selected Cisco as its exclusive routing platform and offers management services to its customers who use Cisco products. North Atlantic Networks’s management services extend beyond basic plans provided by SMARTnet, a troubleshooting and replacement only service. You get full access to North Atlantic Networks’ expertise to perform modifications or provide advice required in a constantly changing network environment. North Atlantic Networks’s Cisco Premier Certified Partner credentials assure you of our expertise and every North Atlantic Networks engineer you will work with is Cisco Certified. North Atlantic Networks’s backbone is completely Cisco Powered.

Consider how your router’s workload has increased – many now provide VPN and Firewall services in addition to basic routing functions. Consider also the constant changes required when maintaining a dedicated firewall, VPN concentrator or even a simple access list. North Atlantic Networks’s Management Services are a great alternative or supplement to expensive vendor hourly rates – North Atlantic Networks’s fee for a year is often less than a single vendor visit. Selecting a management plan can save your company money.

All plans come with the following features:

• Unlimited configuration modifications
• Router IOS backup and off-site storage
• Security review with recommendations
• Router reconfiguration in the event of a failure
• Periodic IOS reviews and upgrades
• 24x7x365 proactive network and equipment monitoring
• Automatic trouble ticket generation in the event of an outage
• Hardware Replacement Next-day advance replacement (Carrier and delivery limitations may apply to some locations.)

• Cisco-certified technicians with hands-on network experience
• Responsive service and rapid resolution methodology
• No need for expensive maintenance contracts
• No worry about equipment obsolesce