Internet Access

North Atlantic Networks Dedicated Internet Access is designed to deliver business critical performance with reliable high-speed Internet Connectivity and dedicated Internet Access. Your broadband Internet connection is dedicated and not shared, so you never compete for bandwidth. Confidently share data over a dedicated Internet connection at the same speed for uploads and downloads.

North Atlantic Networks (NAN) is a leading multivendor, multi-interconnect, Internet services provider, offering enterprise level IP services nationwide. NAN operates it’s own carrier class network, and converges this network with strategic interconnections with other leading carrier networks — this allows NAN to provide best of breed services from multiple Tier 1 Carriers. The NAN network solution will allow your enterprise to deploy a converged, all-IP network as a fully managed infrastructure with unprecedented application performance, flexibility and resiliency. NAN can provide a single solution integrating multiple carriers, including MPLS services across carriers.


• Always on symmetric (both downloading and uploading)
• Bandwidth Speeds up to 1 gbps
• Accessible via T1, Ds3, Ocx, and Ethernet
• Core backbone consisting of multiply Tier 1 Upstream Providers
• Static IP Addresses included
• US Based Technical Support and Standard Proactive Circuit Monitoring included
• Guaranteed network Reliability back by NAN Robust Service Level Agreements
• Nationwide Coverage and Support from a Cisco –certified technician
• QOS Traffic Priority Options available
• Managed Security Options available (firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus)
• Wireless and Broadband Data Backup available

• Your broadband Dedicated Internet Access is not shared with others so unlike cable modems, you are never competing for bandwidth when you need it.
• Dedicated connection provides better reliability and more consistent performance than a shared cable connection
• You can share data over the Internet at the same speed for uploads and downloads, meaning increased productivity.
• Connect on-site Web, email and DNS servers and other business-critical applications
• Securely upload large files and share data between locations
• Conduct video conferences
• Run web-based applications
• Stream video
• Provide multi-site access and much more