Hosted Exchange

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is a cloud based service hosted by North Atlantic Networks (NAN). It provides a predictable monthly cost, no upfront infrastructure investment, and eliminates any ongoing support costs associated with an on-site hardware solution.

Enjoy the productivity benefits of Microsoft Exchange and get peace of mind knowing that your email environment is reliable, stable and fully supported by both NAN and Microsoft. Your business runs on email and whether you need access to it in the office, at home, or on the road, NAN’s email solutions use the latest technologies to make sure you’re always connected with the people important to your business—easily and securely.

NAN’s Hosted Exchange solution enables your business to effortlessly share documents, calendars, contacts and tasks at the office, on your smartphone or tablet, or via Microsoft’s Outlook web app.


  • Control Panel
  • Virus and Spam Filtering
  • 24×7 Server Monitoring
  • Live US based Support
  • Guaranteed Uptime SLA
  • SSAE 16 Data Center
  • Webmail Access (OWA)
  • 50 MB File Attachments
  • Varies Storage Options
  • Mobile Device Support
  • ActiveSync

Consider Hosted Microsoft Exchange. You can have a flexible, enterprise-class solution to address your worker productivity and information sharing requirements. Your end users gain all the features and functionality of Exchange, while your technical specifications are met:

Rapid deployment

  • Timely server upgrades and security patches
  • Microsoft license management and compliance
  • Enterprise-class data center for optimal security and performance
  • Service Level guarantees
  • Zero up-front capital investment
  • Low, predictable costs

So consider Hosted Microsoft Exchange and enjoy a little operational freedom, without sacrificing the performance and functionality you require.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange, a business-class e-mail solution from North Atlantic Networks, addresses your core e-mail and messaging security concerns on two fronts:

1) Microsoft Exchange Server was designed with security built-in – features include secure defaults, improved ability to restrict connections and messages, automatic logging off from Outlook Web Access, support for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), attachment blocking, Block Sender lists and a new Virus Scanning API for improved antivirus protection.

2) North Atlantic Networks has architected a hosting infrastructure with security as the primary design consideration across all components, from logical to physical to people and processes. Key features include:

  • User authentication and multiple levels of password authorization to ensure that only authorized users can gain access
  • Daily backups stored securely offsite for data recovery
  • Encryption of data during network transit and storage, using standard protocols like SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Network management software to facilitate preventative maintenance
  • Back-up generators, fire suppression and other controls to protect against physical downtime
  • With Hosted Exchange from North Atlantic Networks, only you have the key to your information. The security and confidentiality of your data is our top concern.

NAN Email Archiving

Provides safe, effective, and reliable email archiving and retrieval capabilities and integrates seamlessly with our comprehensive and easy-to-use web-based administrative console. This easy-to-use and cost-effective message archiving service provides unlimited, in-the-cloud storage for email. It is always available, never grows obsolete, and doesn’t require the ongoing management and maintenance. It is available in one-year and multiyear retention packages.

Encrypt Your Email the Simple Way

This add-on service safeguards your confidential data and enables you to maintain compliance with regulations requiring encryption of sensitive data. NAN Email Encryption is an easy to-activate, easy-to-manage unlimited-usage solution. It also includes data loss prevention (DLP), such as attachment content scanning, pre-built templates, and document registration.

Email Encryption service offers:

  • No hardware/software to install or manage
  • No key management
  • No upfront capital outlay
  • No setup or upgrade fees
  • Customer support at no extra charge
  • Unlimited encryption

As an administrator, use the unified web-based Control Console to set, review, and customize your organization‘s privacy policies (policy-driven encryption), so that confidential content is automatically encrypted. Multiple policies may be customized and enforced for respective user groups, branch offices, and lines of businesses.

As a sender, simply compose your email and send. The content is automatically scanned and encrypted if it matches the policy set by the administrator. This occurs transparently behind the scenes. Or, if the on-demand encryption option has been enabled, simply enter “[encrypt]” in either the subject line or the message body to force encryption.

Your email recipients can retrieve the message from the web-based message pick-up portal, or they can download a secure message reader, which enables viewing of the message directly through the recipients’ email client. And, when they reply, the message can also be encrypted, providing bidirectional protection.

Encryption service helps businesses comply with industry and government legislation:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data
  • Security Standards (PCI DSS)
  • EU Data Privacy Protection Directive

With NAN resource mailboxes, you can create mailboxes for your office conference rooms, virtual meeting spaces, teleconference lines and equipment without having to pay a full mailbox price.

  • check if your conference room, equipment or training lab is available or taken before scheduling a meeting;
  • Prevent overbooking shared equipment like audio-visual equipment, vehicles, mobile devices, etc.