North Atlantic Networks (NAN), as it stands today, is the product of the steady and relentless evolution in the telecommunications industry.  With its roots in the initial days of the dialup era, to today’s cloud computing transformation, NAN has been providing high quality service and support through the years.

NAN’s history is deeply rooted in world of IP.  Our founder Mr. Anderson started The Internet Connection, Inc. (iCi) in 1994 and grew it to the 4th largest of hundreds of regional ISP’s in New England.  In 1998, Mr. Anderson sold iCi to publically traded Winstar and then re-entered the industry in 1999, when he founded North Atlantic Internet, Inc. (NAII). In 2001, Mr. Anderson repurchased iCi from the Winstar and combined NAII and iCi to form North Atlantic Networks.

NAN soon became a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) within the Verizon service area, offering MPLS, Voice and Metro-Ethernet services to the SME market. As the managed services and data center markets gained steam, NAN began offering these services to its connectivity based customers. Today NAN offers a wide range of cloud-based products and services to fit the needs of its clients.