The Healthcare and Biotech industries present many new challenges as they relate to the new world of IP Communications. Protecting the many forms of sensitive electronic information that include EHR, ePHI, EMR and PII is a challenge.  A massive expansion of data generated has many Healthcare organizations struggling to find the right partners to meet their needs.

NAN’s consultative approach in designing solutions for the Healthcare industry takes into account your special requirements – NAN’s products and services are tailored to meet those needs. NAN understands the specific requirements and has implemented and manages multiple solutions in this growing industry. NAN has a focus on solutions, experiencing growth due to the national healthcare initiative. Take advantage of NAN’s experience in design and implementation for your Healthcare organization.

The NAN partner approach features:

  • Experience in the Biotech and Healthcare industry
  • Customizable solutions based on your specific needs
  • Partner based technical consulting and implementation
  • Healthcare ready products with a technical mindset
  • HIPPA/HITECH ready products and services

The benefits of a NAN provided Healthcare solutions are numerous:

  • Committed partnership throughout the compliance and transition process
  • Expert technical assistance in overcoming hurdles quickly and efficiently
  • NAN’s experience in past implementations result in a faster rollout
  • Faster “Time-to-Market” for your project