Email Filtering

Advanced technology Powered by McAfee and backed by NAN’s certified expert support.

NAN Email Filtering Service is a Comprehensive protection for your business means an integrated security solution that is always on guard and always up to date—not just in the office, but also wherever employees work remotely. NAN Endpoint Protection Suites, provides protection against endpoint, email, and web threats—all managed through an online portal.

Get virus, spyware, spam, web security, phishing, web-based management and reporting; automatic updates and upgrades; and around-the-clock technical support for a monthly low-cost subscription fee.

Always On-Guard Security
Enjoy endpoint protection that’s never obsolete with daily, automated updates and service upgrades

through the NAN Security SaaS platform. Simply install the protection on a system connected to the Internet. The Endpoint Protection Suites automatically protect and update all systems at regular intervals throughout the day and provide software upgrades to the latest version—all without interruption. Schedule upgrades for your environment whenever it’s convenient. Fast and transparent updates keep your desktops, servers, and email proactively protected against ever evolving attacks.

Advanced, Real-Time Email Security
McAfee SaaS Endpoint and Email Protection Suite processes email in real time through a highly secure system. Filter and quarantine inbound and outbound threats from your email before they reach your network—no installation is required.

Compatible with all major email applications, our email security service redirects your inbound and outbound email to McAfee and scans your mail in less than one second. We also offer email server protection, monitoring email security in house.

Simplified Security Management
From the web-based SecurityCenter console, centralize installation, Microsoft Active Directory synchronization, configuration, reporting, updates, and group management. With any web browser, access the secured SecurityCenter to customize reporting widgets, schedule reports and upgrades, or run virus and spyware scans.