Email Encryption

Advanced technology Powered by McAfee and backed by NAN’s certified expert support.

NAN Email Encryption Service safeguards your confidential data and enables you to maintain compliance with regulations requiring encryption of sensitive data. A cloud-based solution, Email Encryption delivers unparalleled scalability, eliminates the burden of managing a solution, and empowers your mobile workforce to send and receive encrypted emails ubiquitously from any email client. And, it’s a bidirectional encryption solution that can secure both the original message and replies.

Secure Your Email Communications Easily Protect your confidential outbound email without disrupting the day-to-day workflow of your employees with NAN Email Encryption. The simple, cloud-based encryption secures confidential information delivery and helps your organization:

  • Encrypt outgoing email with minimal administration
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and retention regulations
  • Integrate data loss prevention strategies

Confidential Information Remains That Way

Email has become critical to business communications, and, as a result, it ranks behind only portable storage devices as the top data leakage channel. McAfee SaaS Email Encryption can help curb losses of company sensitive data with a solution that is easy to use by both senders

Avoid Severe Consequences

The consequences of innocently forwarding confidential information can be severe, from significant fines to substantial business losses. You can avoid these consequences by implementing Email Encryption without any upfront investment in additional hardware or software.

Email Encryption:

  • Scales to meet the needs of any business
  • Keeps your workforce agile; send and receive encrypted messages ubiquitously from any email client, including mobile devices

Compose, Send, Retrieve—Easily and Safely

As with all of our cloud-based security solutions, NAN Email Encryption offers enterprise level performance without the complexity associated with on-premises solutions. The solution offers flexible encryption options for the IT staff and for both the sender and recipient

As an administrator, use the unified web-based Control Console to set, review, and customize your organization‘s privacy policies (policy-driven encryption), so that confidential content is automatically encrypted. Multiple policies may be customized and enforced for respective user groups, branch offices, and lines of businesses.

As a sender, simply compose your email and send. The content is automatically scanned and encrypted if it matches the policy set by the administrator. This occurs transparently behind the scenes. Or, if the on-demand encryption option has been enabled, simply enter “[encrypt]” in either the subject line or the message body to force encryption.

Your email recipients can retrieve the message from the web-based message pick-up portal, or they can download a secure message reader, which enables viewing of the message directly through the recipients’ email client. And, when they reply, the message can also be encrypted, providing bidirectional protection.

Email Encryption Technology Made Simple

NAN Email Encryption is built with trusted and proven standards-based encryption technologies. It removes the difficulty of installing and managing current solutions and is easy to use. Encryption technologies used include: PKI, S/MIME, X.509 certificates, 3DES, AES-256, and 1024-bit RSA keys (with MDS and SHA-1 encryption algorithms). The encrypted message web portal utilizes 128-bit secure sockets layer (SSL).

Encrypt Your Email the Simple Way

Email Encryption service offers:

  • No hardware/software to install or manage
  • No key management
  • No upfront capital outlay
  • No setup or upgrade fees
  • customer support at no extra charge
  • Unlimited encryption

Encryption service helps businesses comply with industry and government legislation:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data
  • Security Standards (PCI DSS)
  • EU Data Privacy Protection Directive