Email Backup

NAN Email Back-UP
Email is a critical component of nearly every business. It has greatly enhanced the communication between customers, suppliers, vendors and between employees within a company. Therefore it is extremely important that you have a backup solution in case your mail server suffers an outage. Your business could lose reputation because of bounced emails and vital components of your business could be affected.

NAN Mail Back-UP solution can help your company to have a reliable mail backup solution. Whether it is hurricanes or system failures, we can help protect your emails from bouncing back to their senders. This service is setup in a way that our systems detect the failure of your mail server and immediately begin redirecting your incoming emails to our mail servers. The emails are then held in a queue until your mail server comes back online at which point, all bagged emails will be relayed to your mail server. With the use of our web based interface, you can login and view the emails that have been stored in the queue. You also have the ability to run SMTP diagnostics and be able to view the queue in real time to view the messages that are being relayed to our server during a server outage at your end. SMTP monitoring notifies your personnel of a failure at your node so that appropriate action can be taken at your end.

At NAN, security is a very important issue and that is why we perform free anti-virus scanning for all the bagged emails. This ensures that when the emails are transmitted to you, then only the clean emails are sent across.

The Mail Back-UP service is also sometimes called as a Mail Spooling or Mail Forwarding service. This is due to the fact that in case of a mail server failure at your network, emails that are sent to your domain are placed in a Spool. Once your mail server comes back online, the spool is cleared thereby delivering all incoming email messages sent to your domain during this period of downtime.


Shared Mail Back-UP
Shared Mail Back UP is for clients that have a monthly email volume of no more than 1,000,000 messages. As the name suggests, the Mail Back-UP server is shared by other customers. The Shared Mail Back-UP service can protect up to three domains with backup MX records based on the plan chosen.

NAN offers six Shared Mail Back-UP plans. These include Basic Lite, Basic, Standard, Express, Business and Power. Plans vary based on the number of MX records desired, your total quantity of email, your delivery attempt cycle, and the number of domains associated with your account. Simply choose which email backup plan best meets your business needs!

A Web-based interface is available with Business and Power Plans. The Web-based interface gives the system administrator the ability to view the real-time activity of the mail queue. Additionally, the ability to flush the mail queue may be available with your email backup plan or as an add-on option.

VPS Mail Back-UP (Mail Spooling) Plans
VPS Mail Back-UP is offered to our clients whose email backup requirements exceed Shared Mail Back- UP limits and for system administrators who want to take charge of their email backup solution. The VPS Mail Back-UP server is a virtual private server. As the name indicates, the system is dedicated to a single client or IT companies that wish to give their clients top-notch email backup protection.

NAN’s VPS Mail Back-UP offers the benefits of increased security and scalability as part of your MX backup solution. The client has administrative capability to add multiple domain names to be protected in case of mail server downtime. This is a cost-effective email backup solution to an organization with multiple domain names. Our Standard, Express, and Power VPS Mail Back-UP solutions come with universal access to the machine. A Web-based interface allows your system administrator to set up the MX backup service, view the queue of spooling emails, read and delete messages, and set different parameters, such as the delivery attempt cycle of emails to your specified mail server once it becomes available.