Desktop Virtualization

Thin clients. Zero clients. Thin-Apps. The buzz surrounding Desktop Virtualization is growing louder. While virtualization itself has had its time in the sun (worldwide there are now more virtual servers than physical servers) moving the desktop to the cloud is taking hold. It massively increases efficiency by taking control of security, patching, application and software installations, all via a centrally managed system. Many virtualization implementations are seeing greater than 50% cost savings after two to three years. Desktop Virtualization will allow your users access to their desktops from nearly any device, at any time, from anywhere.

NAN leverages its VMware partnership to provide the “VMware View” based solution. While this delivers the base operating system, users really want access to applications. NAN will work with your company to design a solution and ultimately ensure the required applications are delivered to the specified users, with the correct controls and permissions, and with security baked in.

There are a number of important features associated with Desktop Virtualization:

• Access to the desktop anytime, for any device, at any location
• Improved security via better control of access to data and applications
• Centralized control of the user experience via unified delivery
• Improved application delivery, security management and software updates

There are numerous benefits of using Desktop Virtualization:

• Simplified desktop Management; automated provisioning
• Better end user experience with improved performance
• Streamlined application management; decoupled from the operating system
• Significant cost savings in technology spend and human resource requirements