Analog Trunk Replacement

With the emergence of low-cost broadband and VoIP-enabled data networks, SIP Trunking is rapidly becoming the standard for interconnecting premise-based phone systems to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). NAN SIP Trunks and Analog/Plain Old Telephone Lines (POTs) replacement products enables you to reduce phone and broadband charges by consolidating them into one affordable competitive package.

Affordability and Cost Savings:

With NAN SIP Trunking, you can seamlessly and affordably transition to a cloud-based voice service without having to replace your existing legacy telephones or fax machines. This enables you to retain your investment in equipment while realizing the cost benefits of consolidating your voice and data services. In addition, your company can take advantage of the competitive packages, long distance, and toll charges offered by NAN Analog Trunk replacement services.

Virtual-Fax ATA:

Fax machines still play a major role in business. With this, the need to support fax machines is very important. Many regulatory and corporate governance initiatives require fax images to be archived for records accountability and tracking.

Virtual Fax-ATA provides an easy–to-deploy ATA device that seamlessly integrates with your existing fax machine(s) while enhancing its feature set.

Virtual-Fax ATA Features:

• HTTPS with SSL for security
• Super-charge your existing fax machines
• Supports up to 2 FXS ports per ATA
• Email notifications for full unified communications/unified messaging integration
• Archival of fax image for regulatory compliance (HIPAA/SOX)
• Lower bandwidth usage than T.38
• Centralization of all fax traffic for full reporting
• Optional rack appliance can support upto 24 FXS fports for larger installations

Disasters happen. A hurricane, major power outage, or anything that forces your employees to work from an alternate location can be extremely disruptive to your business. Your company requires business continuity planning to ensure that customer calls do not go unanswered. By replacing your traditional phone lines with NAN SIP Trunking, you will be able to immediately redirect calls at the carrier level to a second physical location where your business can resume as normal.

• Enjoy Superior Quality with high definition clarity and enhanced quality of service
• Reduce Communication Charges by combining voice and data over a single circuit and through free inter-site calling
• Affordability and Cost Savings are quickly realized with the ability to project monthly communication expenses
• Retain Your Current Phone Hardware by SIP-enabling your phones/ systems with proven SIP-to- TDM conversation hardware
• Multi-Site Support is offered by grouping geographically disperse locations into one virtual location
• Business Continuity at the carrier level will equate to dependability, reliability, and peace of mind
• Easy to Deploy
• Easy integration with any enterprise