Audio Conferencing

Group meetings made easy with Audio Conferencing services

Audio conferencing is a collaboration tool that empowers greater communication with customers and remote team members. Powered by our cloud-based VoIP network, NAN’s Audio Conferencing services enable users to connect and hold virtual meetings with 2 to 200-plus callers located anywhere in the world. Excellent HD Voice quality paired with enhanced feature sets make it easy to choose NAN’s Audio Conferencing solution.

Video Conferencing

Enterprise collaboration in the cloud

Immediate and interactive communications are central to any forward-thinking business strategy. Dial into the power of NAN Video, a fully-hosted conferencing solution that drives businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Powered by the cloud, NAN’s video conferencing software enables limitless parties from anywhere in the world to connect for face-to-face interactions – supporting everything from visual sales calls to remote webinars.

With the continued development of enterprise collaboration tools, new meeting models have emerged and transformed traditional sales, service and support channels to deliver an enhanced customer experience. NAN Video enables users to create conference rooms without walls. From boardroom to mobile devices, there are no boundaries with this robust application.

Web Conferencing

Start your virtual meeting today

Collaborate and connect effortlessly with a feature-rich web conferencing tool. Start by reserving a conference room in the cloud.

NAN Web Conferencing is a browser-based web collaboration solution complete with a robust set of presentation tools and built-in audio and video support. The service enables users to interact and share content from across the building or around the world – without the expense and time of meeting in person.

The true value of collaboration tools is their ability to empower greater communication between customers and colleagues, boosting productivity and efficiency. With NAN’s hosted solution, users engage online bringing dispersed teams together to discuss and work on projects in real-time.

Organize, manage and attend virtual meetings, webinars, sales demos, training sessions and live support calls. The versatility and capabilities web conferencing offers make it a preferred method of enterprise communications. Leverage the capabilities of Web Conferencing – a cost-effective, secure and simple-to-use solution.