Cloud Storage

Every business needs simple and efficient means to collaborate by sharing information. In the past, files have been shared by providing secure access to the company’s file server via a VPN. With today’s employees using data from multiple devices and at multiple locations at all times of the day, a cloud based solution is the perfect fit.

NAN can provide a cloud storage and collaboration platform to meet just about any need. Our solution allows you to keep your files and other data up to date in real time, and with the administration dashboard you can control the number of users, storage limits, monitor activity, remotely wipe data and devices, and more. It is truly an all-in-one solution that will increase your efficiency and productivity

  • Add seats or storage at any time; control storage limits by account
  • Monitor user activity; remote wipe of lost or unauthorized devices
  • Provide mobile access to your files from anywhere, at any time
  • Disaster recovery inherent in that storage is offsite in secure data center
  • Administrative dashboard provides MDM / BYOD management features
  • Can sync multiple devices; apps for Apple and Android devices
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook increases transparency
  • Files stored and uploaded using state of the art encryption
  • File version control options available

  • Increase security for your files, devices and users
  • Continuous automatic file backup maintains transparency
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of your employees
  • Provides backup of critical data that is transparent to users
  • Solution for all users on nearly all devices provides ubiquitous solution