Road To Recovery

The Road To Recovery Info Graphic

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much data we are now producing each day? And since everything is data, data, data, have you really considered what it would mean to lose it all? Data is definitely part of our technology driven workplace, but it also creates an Achilles heel because it’s now concentrated on a file server and one event can wipe it all out…

IT infrastructure has morphed significantly in the past few years and Backup and Recovery is no different. With virtualization technology becoming more mature, cloud backup has become a game changer. From the 1st off site backup of tapes on Sneakernet, to the automatic off-site backups to the cloud, the technologies driving backup have changed and the importance of them has only increased.

In the beginning, there was Sneakernet. Run a backup every night, and somebody would take the drives home or to a safe deposit box once a week or so. The old saying was “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a trunk full of backup tapes.” Very true, especially at the time when 56k modems were the norm. Automated off-site copies were just not feasible for the majority of businesses.

As Internet speeds increased and newer technologies were released, we saw backup to NAS, USB HDD, and eventually cloud storage. The “3-2-1” rule was coined – 3 copies of data, 2 different media types, with at least 1 stored off-site. With cloud backup becoming more common, having that ever so important off-site copy became feasible for everybody.

North Atlantic Networks (NAN) is ushering in the next phase — Cloud Backup and Recovery. The problem with all the older technologies is you always had a copy of the data, but you needed a server to spin it up on. Maybe you didn’t have spare hardware or parts lying around and had to wait for overnight (or worse) shipping. The next stage in the evolution of backup is affordable cloud recovery. With the NAN Cloud backup solution you can send a copy of your server to cloud storage, and spin up that server off-site, in NAN’s VMware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) at any time.

Shorter recovery times are now affordable, no longer needing expensive replication servers, replication software, the ever more expensive 4 hour hardware warranties, and blocks of hours to monitor replication jobs. Disaster Recovery (DR) tests become simple, with emergency assistance from NAN always available to help change routes, redirect web pages and make DNS changes. You can keep public IP’s if you need to! All in all, Cloud Backup is a major game changer for your business continuity plan.


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