How Does Backup and DR Work

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The importance of backup and having a ready to execute disaster recovery plan cannot be emphasized enough. With today’s reliance on technology, extended downtime can lead to enormous financial loss and even closure of a business. While our kids may be preparing their costumes, the Spooky and Scary thing about downtime is it can happen at any moment for any reason, even on Halloween night! Its no Treat for the admins responsible for getting back online, and there is no Trick in having a backup plan in place.

Here at NAN, we’ve heard it all: from maids popping breakers and corrupting small business servers to natural disasters taking out power and shorting out UPS systems to copper NIC interfaces (yes that UPS stops surges from the power line, but you actually need to ground your Ethernet cables too!)

Our engineers have built a simple and cost effective solution for cloud backup and recovery. So please take a moment and consider the following when thinking about DR in the cloud:


  1. More Copies – you can never have too many copies of your backup. Traditional on site backup tends to put all your backup data on a single type of media — Tape, NAS, or even a USB HDD. Sometimes these backups are even located next to the servers being backed up (Scary). Make as many copies as you can of your backups, store at least one off-site, and always use the 3-2-1 rule for backup: 3 copies of the data, 2 different media types, and at least 1 off-site.


  1. Fast Recovery – the time it takes to get a server back online is critical. Getting that server online means getting your business running again. With traditional recovery, you need to wait for parts, install parts, then recover from backup. Sometimes you may even need to find a building, (hopefully not haunted), that still has power to put the server! With NAN’s cloud DR, the power and parts are already installed and in the cloud ready to go.


  1. Mobility – with cloud DR your entire HQ can disappear and that is OK. Servers can be spun up off-site, public IP’s can be re-routed, DNS records can be changed, and your staff can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Getting your staff back to work quickly is how to avoid loss of revenue caused by disaster and keep clients happy.


  1. No Need for DR Overspending – with traditional DR solutions, dedicated servers must be purchased to sit around, replicating data, often using expensive software, and must be monitored by IT staff. Often DR can be a money pit and every new server you add to your environment has to be duplicated. Compared to cloud, the infrastructure is already built, just pay for storage and standby resources.


  1. The Ability to Test Non-invasively – One of NAN’s personal favorite benefits is the execution of a DR drill using traditional backup and recovery compared to cloud DR. Oftentimes this testing is invasive, requires downtime, spare parts and some afterhours work, and most times it stalls before it starts (a Spooky thought). With no need for extra hardware, most DR drills can be run during business hours with cloud services, with no invasive downtime for end users.


Save money, time, and be confident you’re ready for a disaster. Disasters are stressful so let NAN make the data recovery and getting back online simple – avoid headaches, save money, and get your business up and running. If you have not gone through the exercise of creating a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, give NAN a call and let us help you figure out how to keep your doors open.

You’ll be as happy as a kid with a haul of candy after a successful night of trick or treating!