Cloud and Managed Services

Of NAN’s five C’s, Cloud and Managed Services sit atop the pyramid. The transformation underway in today’s IP-based communication is squarely focused on outsourcing both the physical components of a company’s technology and the management of everything else. NAN is uniquely positioned to assist the SME market in accomplishing these goals in a methodical and efficient manner. NAN’s size allows for a sincere partnership with its clients at every step in the process from design, project planning, staging, implementation and ongoing support.

Cloud computing greatly simplifies a business’ technology footprint in that the details of the day to day management of infrastructure take a back seat to what a company really wants do: run applications. NAN provides the SME market with the ability to transition existing legacy systems to the cloud, or even provide use of the application itself — eliminating all the effort typically expended in providing the underlying infrastructure needed to support the application itself.

While cloud computing clearly is a game changer of epic proportions, there will always remain the need for physical devices and legacy systems not suited for the cloud. NAN’s decades of experience managing such systems for its clients can further a company’s strategy of outsourcing underlying technology and using the applications it needs to do business. Because the applications are increasingly located in the cloud (public or private) the need for a strong and secure platform by which users access the applications remains. NAN can keep your local and WAN connectivity fast and secure, and ensure the users attached are well protected and their software is up to date. NAN has solutions to manage the exploding BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market with an enterprise MDM (Mobile Device Management) package the will bring peace of mind to administrators and executives alike.

As an Internet Services Provider we deliver more than Internet access. We provide a suite of IP and Cloud-based services that allow you to leverage the latest technology and turn it into a competitive advantage. Instead of delivering bandwidth to solve your business issues, we deliver true IP and Cloud solutions designed to meet today’s business challenges. You won’t have to ask when it will be available, it’s here now.

Our focus on the core elements that today’s businesses need has led to the development of NAN’s 5 C’s:

The foundation for communication must be reliable and efficient. NAN emphasizes a high-availability, redundant solution, using a cost effective backup link and automatic failover. Relationships with major carriers and technology solutions ensure NAN can provide 10G DIA and MPLS via Ethernet, legacy T1, NxT1 and T3 circuits, wireless links, or any combination thereof.

Cloud Computing is the transformative shift underway in the IP market. NAN offers its clients a wide range of cloud and managed services including VMware based infrastructure solutions, VoIP solutions, Network Based Firewall, Hosted Exchange, Lync and SharePoint, Cisco router, firewall and switch management and many others.

The increased dependency upon technology has heightened the need for disaster recovery, business continuity and redundancy plans. NAN can provide various solutions to provide peace of mind that include VEEAM and Zerto replication and backup, cold, warm, and hot VMware instances, SRM solutions, collocation options and pure backup.

For the client who requires a hardware presence for a public, private or hybrid cloud, NAN offers collocation services at multiple locations. Each location offers state of the art backup and redundancy options for power, IP access, and multi-carrier connectivity.

Compliance & Security   
The regulatory environment, each year, imposes more and more requirements on businesses, with a particular emphasis on the medical and financial sectors. NAN products and services are SSAE16 and PCI ready and additional services such as Network Based Firewall and VMware infrastructure encryption are available to meet all your needs.