Cloud Backup Services
Your financial records, contracts, and client information are the foundation of your business. When you consider all of the information stored on your company’s servers, you begin to realize the potential magnitude of loss in the event of a disaster, sabotage, hardware failure, or human error. NAN’s Cloud Backup allows you to back up your critical business data to a remote and secure location for rapid disaster recovery—an important part of your data security and business continuity plan.

Why You Should Choose NAN
NAN cloud backup services offer online data backup and recovery that saves critical business data at a secure offsite location. Scheduled backups run automatically without human intervention via our agentless technology. NAN cloud backup is the perfect solution for servers running Microsoft Windows operating system with Exchange and SQL. It is a cost effective solution for disaster recovery that meets the online backup requirements of most businesses.

NAN provides a world-class data protection infrastructure that lets you safeguard your data in the cloud without additional capital or IT expenses. Data is backed up to an offsite location and optionally to a local appliance for quicker recovery time. NAN software backs up only changes to the data on your protected system, minimizing server load and backup time.

Each week over 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen in US airports alone. Analysts estimate the average value of the data on each of those laptops at $525,000. These numbers mean it’s essential that you control the valuable data spread across your mobile workforce.

NAN’s MobilePlus provides the control you need across your mobile workforce via an integrated desktop/laptop backup, recovery, and data security solution that backs up to a remote and secure location. NAN’s MobilePlus makes PC backup and recovery both easy for the user and safe for your company.

Get desktop and laptop backup, recovery, and data security in one.

NAN’s MobilePlus keeps working even when PCs are offline: data is backed up to the local hard drive and transmitted the next time the device connects to the network. When connected to the Internet, it automatically moves backed-up data offsite, providing disaster protection. Even if a PC is compromised, the data can be recovered onto a new device in its current state, helping to ensure business continuity. NAN’s MobilePlus provides added protection by locking down data with disk encryption, port access control, remote data deletion, and device tracing.

Over the past decade, major legislation has been passed affecting the way public companies, financial institutions, and medical care providers manage and store their data. Here is why NAN’s online backup makes compliance much easier:

  • automation in moving the data off-site
  • audit trails
  • encryption
  • preservation of all iterations of documents
  • built-in redundancy

The NAN online backup solution can assist you in complying with the regulations affecting your industry, including:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI)